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All the authorized users inside or outside the Republic of India including C.B.I, I.B, C.I.D, S.T.F., A.T.S, L.I.U, POLICE, TRAFFIC POLICE, AIRPORT AUTHORITY OF INDIA, IMMIGRATION COUNTERS, DIRECTOR GENERAL CIVIL AVIATION, PASSPORT DEPARTMENT, RAILWAYS, TRANSPORTATION SERVICES, METRO RAILWAY, INSTITUTE OF NATIONAL INTEREST, U.G.C., NATIONAL COUNCILS (A.I.C.T.E, M.C.I, D.C.I etc.), EMERGENCY MEDICAL SERVICES; are advised to use confined number of computers, avoid cyber cafe and do not share the password. Immediately change password in case of doubt of theft. Any agency/organization/institute/hospital/ verification node may obtain more number of Passwords

All the Foreign Airports/Hospitals/ Embassies/High Commissions of other Nations, in India or abroad may obtain User ID & Password FREE OF COST to access and help Indian nationals (the core members of DNA Identification System) by sending scanned request on their original letter heads through apex representative, by Email.



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Please raise the request to obtain User ID and Password through Email indicating your purpose of utilization and benefits from DIS (DNA Identification System), above are issued after analyzing significance. Any organization from Government/Private/Non-government/ Public sector may register and obtain the accession rights.